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Coach Lori,
how do I press play on my Dreams?

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A few quick power Blogs


    Despite what anyone says, You really can have it All! You just have to determine a reasonable pathway to obtain it all without losing YOU in the middle of it! You're probably wondering how can I possibly have it all, when I can barely stay on the tight rope without slipping and falling...

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    The life you want starts with THE POWER of YOU! Yes, You are more powerful than you can ever imagine. And, it's not just the physical strength that you possess as a human being that makes you so powerful, but the fascinating truth is YOU are so POWERFUL that you can change the world...

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  • Think yourself there

    It's time to clean out those negative and damaging thoughts you've been holding onto for far too long and replace them with the real and authentic thoughts you may often neglect - of where you see yourself and how you plan to get there! Yes, the secret to your success lies in the Power of Your Thoughts...

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  • Tilt Lori, no look straight Lori! Either way I can clearly see the blessings coming my way!!! #iamloribattle 
#livingmybestlife #dreampushher #believebig #successcoach #lifecoach #dreambuilder #entrepreneurlife #stayready #styleandclass #bosslady #selfmade #successful #mindset #levelup #believe #invent
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Follow Me on Instagram @loribattle

  • Tilt Lori, no look straight Lori! Either way I can clearly see the blessings coming my way!!! #iamloribattle 
#livingmybestlife #dreampushher #believebig #successcoach #lifecoach #dreambuilder #entrepreneurlife #stayready #styleandclass #bosslady #selfmade #successful #mindset #levelup #believe #invent
  • Out on a date with my twinzie-bestie♥️
  • #FBF
With the beautiful and amazingly talented @sherrieshepherd ♥️
It’s always great seeing you Sherri and thank you for being consistently warm, kind, down to earth and just a beautiful person outwardly and inwardly!!!
Thank you for being an inspiration to us all💯🙏🏾💃🏽😘 #BeBoldAndDreamBig
  • Always having a great time with my No. 1 plus supporting a great cause @specialneedsnetwork
  • This beautiful woman right here is a real life Superwoman!!! Yes, she has her cape on!!! Last night was incredible as she hosted her 13th annual gala for her Special Needs Network! I’m so inspired by the amazing work Areva is doing for children with special needs and their families in South Central Los Angeles. If you’re looking for a wonderful organization to support that is doing phenomenal work for children with autism, be sure to connect with The Special Needs Network!

Thank you @arevamartin for inviting me...I’m so excited we finally got our pic😆  I’m already looking forward to next year and I’m also looking forward to serving in whatever way you need🙏🏾 Sending lots of love & hugs to you♥️😘 @specialneedsnetwork
  • Never forget, all things are possible!!! #Believe
Success Coach Lori