Despite what anyone says, You really can have it All! You just have to determine a reasonable pathway to obtain it all without losing YOU in the middle of it! You’re probably wondering how can I possibly have it all, when I can barely stay on the tight rope without slipping and falling! A Life in Balance is the envy of us all, as we see so many doing it, and you wonder how is it possible to maintain a career, a family, a side business, volunteer, work out etc… Whew, sounds exhausting right? Well, you can pick yourself up off the floor first, I guarantee you-that you will be alright and you will be able to manage a busy life that’s in balanceif you decide to make subtle changes and vow to have fun while doing the many things you were Born to do! On your mark, get set, ready, let’s go…….Here are 3 simple tips you can implement right away that will help you live a Life In Balance with all of the rewards that come along with it….

  1. 1. Relinquish some of your responsibilities onto the people around you that you can trust and at the same rate oversee them. It’s time you take the lead and get out of the backseat anyways. Trust your leadership skills and the positive impact that you have on those around you-and have confidence that they will enjoy your initiative.
  2. 2. Balance = Organization. If you’re an unorganized individual, chances are you are way out of balance. But, let’s fix that quickly! Decide today that you will make a concertive effort to get organized right away. Every great opportunity you want to achieve depends on it. Clear the clutter that’s in your way Today and commit to using secretarial methods to keep your life in balance. Yes, you’re going to have to be your own best Secretary until the day comes that you can hire a professional admin to do it all for you. If you implement these changes right away, that day might come sooner than later. Anything is possible, right?
  3. 3. Value your time! Are you over committing and underperforming? Saying yes to this, yes to that without even being aware! Oh boy, are you going to have to cut it out! Over committing can be an unconscious tactic that keeps you off course to reaching a life in balance! Become comfortable politely saying “NO” to every invitation. Some of those invitations you are saying yes to are taking you away from valuable time that you need to be investing is You and building a more successful life. Don’t feel guilty when you have to say no, but think of how much further along you will be in the weeks and months ahead to reaching your goals or whatever it is your are trying to accomplish!