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    QUARTER 4, 2020


    with Success Coach Lori

    Quarter 4

    Hello, Hello, Hello!!! It’s been so long since we have connected through my personal blog and I must say I have missed you so very much over these past 19 months. Yes, It’s been over a year and a half since I wrote my last blog. There’s so much that has transpired in my life and in this recent blog installation I’m going to share a lot of it through words and images. My hope for writing this blog has always been to inspire, celebrate, and empower you to continue to press play on your dreams no matter where you’re at in life or what you’re going through in life. So, let’s get started with this quarters blog. I think you’ll find something in each story that will resonate with the Dreampreneur in you! I would love your feedback, so be sure to shoot me a response with any comments, messages, or just to say hello! I would absolutely love it If you would please share my blog on your social media pages. There’s so many individuals out there that need something motivational to inspire them to BE BOLD &DREAM BIG, so let your friends and family know about your girl Success Coach Lori!


    Ok, here we go…….


    In more ways than one, I know just how blessed I am to be alive. And, now when I look into the mirror, I see the reflection of a miracle staring back at me. I’m not supposed to be here today, but God saw differently. On April 24th 2019 while my family and I lay sleeping, we had no idea that a fire had been burning all around us during the early morning hours. When we all awoke, we still had no idea that a fire was brewing all around us within the walls and above us, in the attic. Fast forward approximately one hour from the time we woke up, what seemed like out of the blue, our home began to quickly fill with smoke and as I yelled to my family “FIRE.” Thankfully, we and our sweet dog were able to swiftly grab some things and run out of the house unharmed. Once we were outdoors, we looked up to see flames shooting out of the roof and smoke roaring out of all of the windows. I was in such shock, that I could not even express how I felt in words. It felt surreal and was something I never thought I would experience in my life. To think that we could have been swallowed up in those flames I was looking was life changing. In that moment, I knew that it no-one but heavenly Angels that had protected us throughout the night and into the morning from hurt, harm, and danger. Now, you see what I mean when I say that I know that I am a miracle. Needless to say, we lost pretty much everything that we owned and we had to start all over again. I can tell you that I never shed a tear over any of the material losses, because when you come through something so major like that, you know that the material things can never outweigh the gift of life. We have started over and it’s been an adjustment but it’s been very refreshing. The photo you see above, are some of the 20+ firemen who helped put out the fire and try to save as much as they could of our belongings. I appreciate them so much, The Red Cross of America, our church family and the many friends and family members who have been such a blessings to us. I have so much more to share about this and so many other things, that I’m putting it all in a book and will be sharing that release soon. Thank you all for your prayers, love, and encouraging words. They have meant the world to me and have inspired me in so many ways.


    Amidst the horrible fire that took place in 2019, we had so many amazing things that took place, and one of those incredible things, was the birthing of Music Artist Stina. So, while we were displaced for several months, living in a hotel. Our daughter, Mary-Christina Battle began to write music with all of the spare time that she had. And, that’s when you wrote her 1st song that she was ready to have recorded. When I first heard the song, I was so moved and couldn’t believe that she had written it. It sounded so polished and like majority of the songs that I have hear on the radio. We were able to connect with some Platinum Selling Producers who have worked with artists such Beyonce, Whiz Khalifa, Akon, and BeBe Rhexa to name a few. Stina recorded her singled titled “Uninvited” in August of 2019 and released it on January 1st of 2020. Her single has done amazing and within the 1st month of being released, it was streamed over 100,000 times on Spotify. She has quickly built up a strong fanbase and upon the release of her 2nd single “Summers in the Suburbs” it reached over 300,000 streams within it’s 1st month of being released. Needless to say, her father and me are super proud of her and see such a bright future in this extremely talented young woman. Above all of that, we are super excited & proud that she is also now a Senior in college, and will be graduating from California State University Northridgein the Spring of 2020. Can you hear me over here screaming??? LOL. She is such a hard worker and you can never over-celebrate your children when they are following their passions while living their best life at the same time. I would love it, if you would support her and download her music and share with all of your friends. She released her 1st music video this year and you can find it on You Tube to check it out and subscribe to her channel. One last thing, I wanted to share about Stina “aka” as Mary Battle. During the pandemic, she started her very own artist management label, and she is helping other music artists with their careers and reaching their dreams. Her label is called “Chateau Music” and she will be producing her very first Online Benefit Festival this Fall. Stay tuned as I will share more info soon.


    Hey Dreampreneurs!!!


    If you’ve missed The Dream Big Experience Weekend, there’s no need to worry!!! WE’RE BACK!!!! And, we go live this October 2020!!! This year is going to be Fabulous and we’re doing something new….Hosting the event online!!!! We have partnered with Chateau Music and this year, the event will take place over 4 days. The dates are Thursday October 22nd thru Sunday October 25th. We have speakers, vendors, celebrities, music artist, giveaways and so much more!!! Don’t miss our 7th year, because it’s Going All The Way UP! If you would like more information on being a Vendor, Sponsor or even a Speaker, email us at: contact@dreambigexperience.com. We have a limited amount of space available, so please reach out immediately If you are interested in being a part of this epic event. Registration opens on Friday October 2nd. Be sure to tell all of your friends!


    See you there!!!


    We’re are looking for Amazing Women Who Dare to Dream Big to be a part of our Ambassador Program! If you are motivated, connected and looking to grow your network, then contact us right away at: contact@dreambigexperience.com.


    It’s no secret that I love to cook, and If you go way back with me, then you know that I used to own restaurants during my 20’s. Yes, your girl Success Coach Lori can throw down!!! During the quarantine, I began cooking three meals a day and so I decided that I would record myself along with my daughter creating one of my favorite and most loved dishes “Shrimp Pasta” as we have an absolute blast!! This dish is soooo good and is one of those dishes that I whip out to impress family or friends who come over to have dinner with my family and me. I think you will enjoy this dish too and hopefully, you will get the opportunity to make it for your family and friends too. Enjoy this video and If you do decided to cook this dish, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram or Facebook @LoriBattle


    Our last Dream Big Experience Weekend was so spectacular and since we didn’t have the event in 2019, I never publicly got the chance to Congratulate the winners of our Entrepreneurs Experience Night and our Dreampreneur Winner of the year. It’s better late than never, so here we gooo…..



















    Always remember to “Be Bold and Dream Big!”

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    Success Coach Lori

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