My Motivational Speaking Career

My motivational speaking career spans over the past 19 years. Being bashful as a young girl, I shied away from speaking in front of groups of people and opted to stay in the background and observe instead. However, as I became more aware of my voice and my message over the years, I began to speak more confidently in groups and while I was in college I took a speech class which helped open me up to the idea of speaking in front of people. My speaking career became official, when I was asked to be the keynote speaker at a woman’s conference at the age of 27. I must say it was a bit intimidating and perhaps a little overwhelming to speak to a group of women who were mostly twice my age. Nevertheless, I put all of my fears aside and I delivered a message that was very motivating.

Since that first time speaking, back in 1997. I have spoken all over the country to men, women, colleges, corporations, churches, small & large organization and most recently high schools. Speaking to audiences and sharing my message of empowerment, hope, reinvention and living your dreams is the icing on top of my cake. I connect with my audiences and I’m always transparent and relatable. I always bring my “A” game whenever and wherever I’m requested to speak and I always aim to leave my audience in a better place once I’m done than when I began. My motivational messages area always uniquely designed for each event that I speak at, while intertwining my personal experiences and the event theme together.

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Why Hire Me to Speak at Your Next Event?

Having Lori Battle at your next event is an experience your audience will never forget! Your audience will experience a speaker who is dynamic in her delivery and highly engaging for the 45 minutes or 1 hour that you hire her for. Her messages continually builds with inspiration& passion and the unique way she weaves her personal stories and life experiences together is sensational. If you want excitement, high motivation and a memorable experience for your audience, then you must have Lori Battle or Life Coach Lori as she is affectionately known – at your next conference, luncheon, or festival. You will fall in love with her authentic personality and true passion to change the landscape of men and women’s outlook on living their dreams today!

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