The life you want starts with THE POWER of YOU! Yes, You are more powerful than you can ever imagine. And, it’s not just the physical strength that you possess as a human being that makes you so powerful, but the fascinating truth is YOU are so POWERFUL that you can change the world in the most magnificent way with the very decisions that you choose to make. But the sad truth is many of us opt for the safe seat when it comes to decision making and we permit others to make critical decisions for us that could affect our lives adversely for many years to come. All because we haven’t givenourselves permission to make our own decisions vs. someone else making them for us.

Ever since we were children someone had to make the important decisions for us like where we would live, when we went to bed, when we woke up, so forth an so one. But, somewhere in the transition years we forgot to give ourselves permission to take the wheel of better yet OUR POWER! Relying on THE POWER OF OTHERS instead of the THE POWER OF YOU, is why so many people are in interesting predicaments today. What do most of us do when we get into a tough situation? We pick up the phone and we call a life line to help get us out of the situation, instead of trusting our own Power and making critical decisions that affect us directly, for ourselves.

I know, you never thought about it quite like that, but don’t beat yourself up. If you look at it practically, a lot of the life you are living is essentially someone else’s life, you just happen to be the one walking out the footsteps. I know decision making can be frightening especially the huge ones, like “is it a good idea for us to move to another state for a better job opportunity” or “should we start saving for our kids college fund now or wait till they get a little older.”

Big decisions face us all and that’s just a part of life, but learning to embrace the decisions we have to make, instead of gifting them over to someone else is where your true Power lies. So, get confident when it comes to making decisions from now on! You will like the way you feel, when you can look ahead and see how amazing the place you are in now is exactly where you wanted to be, and it’s a direct effect of the decisions you made! Decision making is what great leaders are made out of, become the great leader you always saw yourself as, by grabbing a hold of The Power of You!