Think yourself there

It’s time to clean out those negative and damaging thoughts you’ve been holding onto for far too longand replace them with the real and authentic thoughts you may often neglect – of where you see yourself and how you plan to get there! Yes, the secret to your success lies in the Power of Your Thoughts! The 1ststep to a new successful and rewarding life and career, is the very thoughts you possess on a regular basis. Have you asked yourself “what do I allow to occupy my space of thought?”I know it’s a WAKE-UP CALL for many of us, to have to analyze the very depth of what controls our destiny or our self-destruction(OUR THINKING). Did you know your thoughts were your most powerful piece of artillery you have? No, not your degree, nor your house, nor your expensive shoes, nor your fabulous hairstyle, but your thoughts control the very fabric of who you are and where you will go in life!For this very reason, it’s worth it to get a grip on what your pattern of thought is right now and start re-shaping your future! Here a few fun and easy exercises you can do daily to re-shape your pattern of thought…..

  • Every morning while you’re getting dressed, give yourself 60 seconds to think of as many self-affirming words or phrases as you can possibly think of. Look directly into the mirror and tell yourself all of the most wonderful and positive self-affirmations you can think of. Remember to say them out loud, so that you can hear these amazing words coming from yourself! “I was created for something great like this,” “I am going to be the Best Me I can be today,””No matter what happens today, I’m going to stay positive,” or “I am a Successful Person.” That’s it! Try doing this for 30 days straight and see how your day, your life, your environment will change tremendously!
  • Try listening more and speaking less! Many of us feel the need to share our wise words of wisdom all the time, when in reality, the better we listen, the wiser we become. Listening gives us greater control of our thought patterns, and by thinking more and speaking less in certain situations, we give ourselvestime to process out negative thoughts and allow better responses to critical conversations or situations that can affect our future outcomes. The quicker you respond doesn’t mean the smarter you are, but the better you listen, the better you become. Give power to a greater listening ear, and watch your positive thinking skyrocket to new levels!
  • Question, do the right things and people have your attention to catapult your positive thinking to the next layer??? In order to get to where you are looking to go, you are going to have change the source of where you’re getting your directions from! If you’re connected to the wrong source of information, then don’t kick yourself for not ending up where you intended to go. The good news is…….this can be self-corrected by making small changes today. Over the next 7 days examine what you’re digesting visually and oratorically, everything you hear and see affects you and how you think. Once you’ve done your examination, and what you don’t like that you hear and see on a regular basis, make a concerted effort to remove it from your life immediately. See change happen instantly !

The Power to think yourself there is all in your hands, so don’t let anyone or anything get in your way again! Every dream of Success begins with the way we think, so start thinking yourself there and watch YOU get there!