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Date : 01-11-2016

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A Brand New Relationship Is Born

Sometimes we intentionally pursue relationships and other times relationships are destined to happen! That was the case, when my path crossed earlier this year with this beautiful woman standing next to me. Dreampreneurs, meet my new sister-friend Alina! Alina is with Westin Hotels & Resorts and she is a pure bundle of professionalism, grace, and energy!

Alina found out about me, my Dream Girl Foundation and my annual Dream Girl Luncheon from a colleague of hers. Alina fell in love with the work that I’m doing, which caused her to take the initiative and reach out to me via LinkedIn a few months ago. Immediately I liked her!

Recently we had the chance to meet for lunch and shortly after that she invited me to an event on the lot of Warner Brothers studios with some pretty amazing people. Meeting Alina has been so refreshing and a constant reminder that when you are passionate about helping others, you then open yourself up for others to help you!

Stay focused ladies on the wonderful work that you’re doing, you just never know who’s taking notice of it.

Pulled Pork Steamed Buns

OH WOW, Meeting Niecey Nash!

Sooooo…..I had my life upgraded recently when I had the opportunity to meet this stunning actress, the FABULOUS & TALENTED – Niecey Nash! Yes, we’re talking about the same Niecey Nash from TNT’s hit show “Claws.” So, how did I get the chance to meet this beauty you’re probably asking? Well, I’m so glad you asked because I would love to tell you!

A few months ago, one of my best friends invited me to an event that her amazing cousin, Monique Jackson & her business partner, Kita Williams- the duo better known as “Mo and Kita” were hosting in downtown Los Angeles in a beautiful warehouse loft. The event was calledSmart Fun Fab Girlsand it was designed to help women improve their business brands.

Niecey was a guest among some of the most recognizable Hollywood actresses we all admire on television. So, when Niecey and I ended up standing next to one another, I took the opportunity to introduce myself and let Niecey know how much of an inspiration she was.

Niecey is a real gem and If you ever get the opportunity to meet her, you will find a woman who is very passionate about empowering women and showing them how to live a life of faith!


The Best Ramen Spots Near You

I guess it’s time to let the cat out of the bag….guess who’s gone vegan? Yep, four months in and I think it’s time to make the big announcement!!! “I’M VEGAN.”

I wanted to wait a while before I said something, because I wanted to make sure that I was going to stick with it and that it wasn’t a fad. But, heck after four months without beef, pork, chicken, turkey, dairy……I think I deserve a round of applause!!!

For years now, I’ve flirted with the idea of becoming a vegan, and deep down inside I knew one day that it would be a part of my lifestyle-no matter how much I dreaded having to give up my crispy-juicy-flavorful bacon(lol). But, I’ve done it and the most amazing thing is, I LOVE IT!

Once, I learned how to get creative with food preparation and I discovered some pretty awesome vegan food products, I felt that I could be successful on this new lifestyle journey!

The surprising part is as a vegan I’m still eating, taco’s, spaghetti, pizza, and even chorizo!!! I’ll keep you ladies filled in on my journey and If you’re thinking of becoming a vegan, feel free to drop me a line!


Aye…..it was my birthday a few weeks ago and I’m still floating on cloud 9 after having one of the best birthdays I’ve had in such a longtime! It’s been three years since I had a birthday party to celebrate my “born day,” so it felt good to do something really cool with some fabulous ladies who I adore so much!

This year I celebrated my birthday in Beverly Hills at one of my favorite cafes called Cuvee! I invited seven of my closest girlfriends to a garden style patio lunch and I jazzed up the patio with multi-colored balloons and a a colorful centerpiece that highlighted the table.

I treated all of my guest to a delicious lunch and for dessert they devoured a cake I had brought in from the incredible Nothing Bundt Cakes! Boy, did we have a wonderful time sharing, laughing, and even crying at times.

Celebrating our birthdays is an important part of life and I highly encourage all of my dreampreneurs to consider a simple birthday celebration whether you decide to host it at a fancy cafe such as Cuvee or even if you host it in your backyard. The goal is to do something that fits in your budget, just remember to make it sparkle!



I am so excited to announce that we two new members of the Dream Girl Network! Everyone welcome Monica Carter of “ERS” Executive Retirement Solutions & Drina Torres of Infinite Hair Designs! Both of these ladies are true dream girls and women you want & need to know! Be sure to follow these ladies on social media to link up with them for their services.

CONGRATULATIONS DRINA & MONICA!!!! I’m so excited to have you be apart of the dream girl family!

If you are interested in joining my fast growing network of “women who dare to dream big” and how your business can be exposed to thousands of well-heeled women,click-hereand shoot me a quick email expressing your interest!


Lori B.


Thank you for reading my recent blog, I hope that it has inspired you to keep dreaming big and live your dream life in this lifetime!

Your Dream Girl,

Success Coach Lori





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